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Method Bronnikova on English

Method Bronnikova on English

Psycho-Energy protection

I stage

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12 hours of communication - 8 classes a month

Age: +14 everyone

Type of training:

alive communication or video course

Papers: listener’s certificate

 practice certificate

Start date of Classes

On-line group participants

14 lessons / every day

Course Description

What do all the grave effectives methods of man’s development begin with? – With development of the human energy system.

This is a basis on which all profound energy informational techniques are based because any work with information (for example clairvoyance(e.g. healing or just a big data processing takes a lot of energy efforts).

As you know a TV set or a cell phone or any gadget won’t work without power, electrical power… it is created, is gone through wires, it feeds these devices.

And where do energies that feed a man come from?

The first stage is a basic of V. Bronnikov system which consists of energy exercises complex.

Man sana in corpore sano.

A healthy body should have a healthy mind. It means that a stage quality of physical body depends on a state of spiritual power.

Work with energy, with your physical body and consciousness.

Development of all the structures in trinity.

The course is just for you if you are

  • a director

managing people means psycho emotional load

  • an owner

managing business means emotional tension

  • a clerk

hired wok means constant stress

  • a householder

bringing up children demands plenty of energy

The first stage is aimed at senses development which opens up an opportunity to wider perception of the sensitive world and control the impact from outside.

The first stage is the basis of Bronnikov system which consist of energy exercises complex practicing them a man will be able to restore bio energy potential, to clean away psychological cramp to learn how to fight stresses.

To sharpen 5 senses: tactile sensation, vision, smell, hearing, taste.

To learn principles how to manage functional systems based on abstract logic schemes.

Goals and Targets of the Course.

Goals: to increase inner tonus of the human body owing to activating dormant areas of the brain. To learn literally to change brain and body as a whole and as a manifestation of other side effects – strengthening of immune, cardiovascular, digestive urogenital and central nervous system.


  • learning fundamental laws and principles of energy informative processes as the basic of the Method “Informative Development of the Man”.
  • development of the energy system
  • development of sense abilities and managing energy torrents
  • acquiring habits of natural recovery.

Results after passing the first stage

You will learn to feel your energy and conscious movement in your body

  • to pass your energy torrent to the partner in the distance and to charge him like a battery
  • providing remote health assistance to others – emergency first aid
  • instant activation of the protective functions of the body with the help of a powerful energy surge exercise
  • mastering the primary working skills with the energies of “listening”, attracting and retaining
  • to protect yourself from the negative energy-informational impact and distinguish energy by its types.

You will get

  • live communication at online training

You will study basic exercises of the 1st stage of the Bronnikov system which can restore the body without pills, you will learn to hear and listen to your body.

  • explanation of the execution technique – during our lessons our coaches will explain you the execution technique of every exercise of the unique methodology in detail.
  • step by step schemes of energy development and method of countering various discases
  • homework and tests
  • nice and convenient materials and reference books

Activation of vital forces is a life resource. It is a powerful resource for living and realizing your goals and desires.

Activation of vital forces is a life recourse. Learn to restore your level of vital force and be emotionally charged for the whole working day, be cheerful, concentrated, keeping the state of inner joy and peace of mind.

Tools for Recuperation

Learn to resist seasonal phenomena of autumn melancholy, chronic fatigue, apathy and also to recover quickly from injuries (fracture, sprain, bruises, surgery)

Energy-information Security

After getting the knowledge you will live without medication (including hormonal drags). You will active and increase the natural protective functions of the body.


New Boundaries of Reality Perception

You will improve your memory, attention, concentration, your reaction speed will increase and also your intuition level will be activated; overall sensibility and skills of extra sensory perception will be developed.

Requirements for candidates of the course

  • the basic requirement for candidates is to be ready to learn new knowledge and improve constantly.

Restrictions on the acquisition of new knowledge are set only by the person himself the tolerances depend on him only

Type of Access

choose and pay for the package in the section “Prices” or Book a place in the group.


  • access to personal account with video material in for a year
  • as a gift you get – the ecology of the spirit stage (author’s course #video lessons #archive)
  • more than 50 video lessons with theory and practice and explanatory answers to questions
  • arbitrary schedule of classes
  • general chat of the training process support course
  • training materials (manuals, schemes, additional manuals)
  • homework
  • workbook for monitoring results

20 000 ₽

Usual price

a repeat or intern is not provided

book a place


On-line group

  • access to the on-line lesson session for the duration of the course
  • live communication with the teacher and the opportunity to get an answer here and now
  • access to personal account with records of all the lessons (8-10 on-line) for a year
  • as a gift you get the ecology of the spirit stage (author’s course #video lessons #archive)
  • regulated schedule of classes
  • training materials (manuals, schemes, additional manuals for self control)
  • closed chat for the on-line course to support the learning process

25 000 ₽

usual price

a repeat or an intern (stasher)

12 500 ₽

book a place

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